PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
Issue 1/2008     3. Apr. 2008
Page 5
Editorial: Treating the patient or the disease?
Baehni, Pierre
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Page 15-20
Survival of endodontically treated teeth with severe periodontal involvement
Saetervold, Heidi / Bruseth, Ane Marthe / Orstavik, Dag / Preus, Hans R
Page 21-28
Plasma cell gingivitis associated with khat chewing
Rawal, Swati Y. / Rawal, Yeshwant B. / Anderson, Kenneth M. / Bland, Paul S. / Stein, Sidney H.
Page 29-33
Double lateral sliding bridge flap for the coverage of denuded roots: two case reports
Vijayalakshmi, Rajaram / Uma, Sudhakar / Saravanakumar, Ravindran / Ramakrishnan, Thyagarajan / Emmadi, Pamela / Anitha, Vijayarangan
Page 37-43
Metabolic control, oral microbiological and periodontal conditions in patients with diabetes mellitus
Mattheos, Nikos / Kandylaki, Maria / Lang, Niklaus P. / Persson, G. Rutger / Salvi, Giovanni E.
Page 45-50
Ten-year results after treatment of intrabony defects with an enamel protein derivative (Emdogain)
Sculean, Anton / Kiss, Alice / Miliauskaite, Asta / Arweiler, Nicole Birgit / Hannig, Matthias / Schwarz, Frank
Page 51-55
The effect of water flow rate on ultrasonic scaler performance: in vitro evaluation
Lea, Simon C / Lightstone, Jonathan J / Landini, Gabriel / Walmsley, A Damien
Page 57-63
Is there an association between periodontal disease and acute myocardial infarction? A cross-sectional study
Vijayalakshmi, Rajaram / Ramakrishnan, Thyagarajan / Ambalavanan, Namachivayam / Emmadi, Pamela / Saravanakumar, Ravindran / Anitha, Vijayarangan / Bhavana, Janardhanan