PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
Issue 3/2007     19. Sep. 2007
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Page 193-201
Surgical lengthening of the clinical crown: a periodontal concept for reconstructive dentistry
Huynh-Ba, Guy / Brägger, Urs / Lang, Niklaus Peter
Page 203-214
Aetiology, diagnosis and management of halitosis: a review
Gnanasekhar, Johnson David
Page 215-219
Restorative planning for hemisection surgery: a technique report
Tabiat-Pour, Sara / Roberts, Anthony / Harrison, Rob / Chapple, Iain
Page 221-227
Non-surgical treatment of gingival overgrowth induced by cyclosporin: a case report
Zanatta, Fabricio Batistin / Antoniazzi, Raquel Pippi / Oppermann, Rui Vicente / Rösing, Cassiano Kuchenbecker
Page 229-234
Surgical reconstruction of lost interdental papilla: a case report
Deepalakshmi, Damodharan / Ahathya, Ramakrishnan Swamy / Raja, Sunitha / Kumar, Aravind