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Ausgabe 1/2007     9. Mär. 2007
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Editorial: Out with the old and in with the new!
Baehni, Pierre / Chapple, Iain / Giovannoli, Jean-Louis / Meyle, Joerg
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Orthodontic tissue remodelling and periodontal healing
Juzanx, Isabelle / Giovannoli, Jean-Louis
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The chicken or the egg? Periodontal-endodontic lesions
Schacher, Beate / Haueisen, Helge / Ratka-Krüger, Petra
Seite 23-30, Sprache: Englisch
Mucocutaneous disorders from the dentist's point of view
Eger, Thomas
Seite 37-40, Sprache: Englisch
Necrotising gingivitis as a manifestation of Richter syndrome
Rudralingam, Meenakshi / McCracken, Giles I / Nolan, Anita / Heasman, Peter A
Seite 41-45, Sprache: Englisch
TLR4-polymorphisms and the risk of chronic periodontitis
Reismann, Peter / Lichy, Christoph / Rudofsky, Gottfried / Nawroth, Peter P / Staehle, Hans-Jörg / Bierhaus, Angelika / Dörfer, Christof E
Seite 55-61, Sprache: Englisch
A 36-month randomised controlled prospective clinical study of a conventional and a new surgical approach for root coverage with the acellular dermal matrix graft
Barros, Raquel RM / Novaes Jr, Arthur B. / Palioto, Daniela B. / Souza, Sérgio L. S. / Taba Jr, Mário / Grisi, Márcio FM
Seite 63-71, Sprache: Englisch
The use of platelet-rich plasma in combination with connective tissue grafts following treatment of gingival recessions
Jankovic, Sasha M / Zoran, Aleksic M / Vojislav, Lekovic M / Bozidar, Dimitrijevic S / Kenney, Barry E