PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
Issue 2/2006     15. June 2006
Page 77
Editorial: 2006: The Year of EuroPerio
Giovannoli, Jean-Louis
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Page 87-96
Commercial DNA Probes Reveal Colonization Patterns of Periodontopathogens in Chronic Periodontitis
Leung, W. Keung/Jin, Lijian/Söder, Birgitta/Corbet, Esmonde F.
Page 97-104
Clinical and Biochemical Evaluation of Short-Term Systemic Ibuprofen as an Adjunct to Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy of Chronic Periodontitis
Basegmez Zeren, Cansu/Demirel, Korkud/Isik, Gulden/Yalcin, Funda/Tiryaki, Demir/Bektas, Muhammet/Onan, Utku
Page 105-113
Bioactive Glass with or without Enamel Matrix Derivative in Class II Furcation Lesions: Histomorphometric Study in Dogs
Pontes, Ana Emília F./Palioto, Daniela B./Novaes Jr, Arthur B./Souza, Sérgio L. S./Taba Jr, Mário/Grisi, Márcio F. M.
Page 115-122
Association of High Plaque Levels of Prevotella intermedia with Aggressive Periodontitis in a 16-year-old Female
Tipton, David A./Pabst, Michael J./Thomas, Edwin L./Babu, Jegdish P./Stein, Sidney H./Fry, Hiram R.
Page 123-128
Plasma Cell Gingivitis Affecting the Gingiva, Palatal Mucosa and Laryngeal Cords
Patanwala, Alifya/Fisher, Edward W./Chapple, Iain L. C.
Page 129-137
Connective Tissue Grafts in Periodontal Surgery
Böhm, Sonja/Weng, Dietmar/Meyle, Jörg