PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
Issue 1/2006     16. Mar. 2006
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Page 15-23
GCF Elastase and Interleukin-8, and the Treatment Outcome of Scaling and Root Planing
Dessaix, Isabelle M. Marin/Andersen, Elene/Mombelli, Andrea
Page 25-29
The Evaluation of Clinical Parameters and Gingival Crevicular Fluid Prostaglandin E2 Level in Postmenopausal Females: A Pilot Study
Zeren, Cansu Basegmez/Yalcin, Funda/Issever, Halim/Isik, Gulden/Cekici, Ali/Onan, Utku
Page 31-35
Surgical Treatment of Mucogingival Alterations in Cleft Lip and Palate Patients: A Clinical Report
Fraga de Almeida, Ana Lúcia Pompéia/Esper, Luis Augusto/de Oliveira Fortes Kaizer, Rosane/da Silveira Fernandes, Juliana/Aguiar Greghi, Sebastiao Luiz/de Barros Carrilho, Guilherme Paes
Page 49-56
Application of a Modified Roll Technique to Ridge Augmentation Before Implant Surgery: A Case Report
de Melo, Luiz Gustavo Nascimento/Neto, José Sérgio Maia/Teixeira, Wendel/Ciporkin, Frederico/Figueiredo, Caio Márcio
Page 57-61
Mucogingival Surgery in a Case of Chronic Desquamative Gingivitis
Checchi, Luigi/Montevecchi, Marco/Fiori, Federica