PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
Issue 4/2004     12. Jan. 2005
Page 291
Editorial: Progress and Bias
Meyle, Jörg
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Page 293-310
Wound Management and Postoperative Care
Christgau, Michael
Page 321-325
Effect of Systemically Administered Azithromycin in Early Onset Aggressive Periodontitis
Fujii, Takeo/Wang, Pao-Li/Hosokawa, Yoichiro/Shirai, Shinichi/Tamura, Atsumu/Hikita, Kazuhiro/Maida, Takeo/Ochi, Morio/Baehni, Pierre C.
Page 335-344
Aggressive periodontitis
Noack, Barbara/Hoffmann, Thomas
Page 345-352
Clinic and Histologic Evaluation of Human Intrabony Defects Treated with an Er:YAG Laser. A Case Report Study
Sculean, Anton/Schwarz, Frank/Windisch, Peter/Keglevich, Tibor/Gerharz, Dieter/Becker, Jürgen
Page 353-362
Periodontal Debridement with Sonic and Ultrasonic Scalers
Petersilka, Gregor J./Flemmig, Thomas F.
Page 363-368
A Comparison of the Traditional Injection and a New Anesthesia Technique (The Wand®) for Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy
Sculean, Anton/Kasaj, Adrian/Berakdar, Mohammad/Willershausen, Brita