PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
Issue 2/2004     7. July 2004
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Page 97-109
Biomaterials for the Reconstructive Treatment of Periodontal Intrabony Defects.
Part II. Guided Tissue Regeneration, Biological Agents and Combination Therapies
Sculean, Anton/Jepsen, Søren
Page 111-122
Incisions and Tissue Management in Periodontal Surgery
Borchard, Raphael/Erpenstein, Heinz
Page 131-142
Treatment Strategies in the Case of Advanced Attachment Loss.
Part I: The Conservation of Strategically Important Teeth in Order to Avoid Dental Restorations
Rühling, Andreas
Page 165-170
Evaluation of Guided Tissue Regeneration Following Third Molar Extraction by Bone Scintigraphy Using Tc99m-MDP
Oettinger-Barak, Orit/Machtei, Eli E./Keidar Zohar/Mahler, Dan/Abu El-Naaj, Imad/Peled, Micha