PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today 5 (2008), No. 4     4. June 2009
PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today 5 (2008), No. 3  (18.11.2008)

Page 159-167

Soft tissue management and zirconium oxide - an ideal addition to the field of perioprosthetics: a clinical case study
Körner, Gerd / Müterthies, Klaus
At present the field of prosthetics focuses on reducing periodontal and alveolar defects related to missing teeth, as well as using suitable restorative techniques and materials to ensure supplements are as biocompatible and functional as possible. Zirconium oxide is a relatively new material, and the evidence suggests that it could be an ideal restorative supplement for reconstructed periodontal and mucosal tissues. This case study of a patient with periodontal deficiencies provides some insight into the coordination of soft tissue management, including the shaping of zirconium oxide, and use of this exceptional material as a supplement, through to an optimised 'gum-tooth' perio-restorative interface.

Keywords: perioprosthetics, perio-restorative interface, soft tissue management, zirconium oxide