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PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today 5 (2008), No. 4     4. June 2009
PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today 3 (2006), No. 3  (19.09.2006)

Page 211-215

Use of Emdogain in the Management of a Lateral Periodontal Cyst: A Clinical Report
Saha, Shuva / Gopakumar, Ashish / Chapple, Iain L. C.
This clinical report presents a case of a lateral periodontal cyst of odontogenic rather than inflammatory origin, and illustrates its successful management using Emdogain® as a means of regenerating a viable periodontal attachment prior to osseous infill of the resulting cyst cavity. Lateral periodontal cysts are relatively rare, slow-growing developmental cysts, typically associated with vital teeth. Management usually involves enucleation and bone-cavity healing by secondary intention, but care must be taken during surgery to avoid root surface damage and subsequent root resorption. The presented case illustrates the diagnostic pathway for lateral periodontal cysts and the radiological and clinical outcomes following the use of Emdogain® to encourage periodontal regeneration. A careful step-wise approach is needed to enable accurate diagnosis and to facilitate surgical treatment planning.

Keywords: botryoid cyst, developmental cyst, Emdogain®, lateral periodontal cyst, regenerative surgery