PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today 3 (2006), No. 2     15. June 2006
PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today 3 (2006), No. 2  (15.06.2006)

Page 129-137

Connective Tissue Grafts in Periodontal Surgery
Böhm, Sonja/Weng, Dietmar/Meyle, Jörg
The application of connective tissue grafts has become a widely accepted therapeutic option in aesthetically oriented periodontal plastic surgery. The harvesting techniques as well as the fields of application have changed and further developed since the first description of a free connective tissue graft three decades ago. This article will provide an overview of techniques for graft harvesting and its therapeutic use as well as future developments.

Keywords: connective tissue graft, periodontal plastic surgery, recession coverage, soft tissue augmentation