PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today
PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today 2 (2005), No. 3     19. Sep. 2005
PERIO - Periodontal Practice Today 2 (2005), No. 3  (19.09.2005)

Page 159-171

Associations Between Maternal Periodontitis, Periodontal Treatment and Pregnancy Complications - Part 1: Potential Pathogenic Mechanisms and Risk Factors
Farrell, Suzanne/Ide, Mark
Much attention has recently been given to possible links between maternal periodontitis and pregnancy outcome. This paper aims to explore the potential explanatory mechanisms for such links, and the evidence from both in vitro and animal studies to support these concepts. Potential mechanisms rely on the role of proinflammatory molecules involved in the normal physiological process of parturition being influenced by distant or local inflammatory processes caused by infections in maternal tissues. However, there are a number of shared risk factors that may complicate analyses of any such relationship.

Keywords: periodontitis, pregnancy, complications, periodontal treatment